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Flower Mound Dental has been a staple of the Flower Mound community since 1995. It has been our great privilege to provide a warm and inviting “Dental Home” for patients throughout our slice of North Texas – Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lewisville, Argyle, Copper Canyon, Double Oak, Lantana, Bartonville, Coppell, Carrollton; the “Flower-Plex” as we like to call it!

Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr. DDS - Introduction

My name’s Dr. Will Wyatt. Um, I’ve been a dentist for 37 years, if you want to count years outta dental school. However, I’ve been in dentistry since I was 12 and I’ve been in dental offices since I was born. My parents actually lived in Hearst, Texas and my dad was the first dentist in Hearst way long ago. I’m not even gonna tell you when. And before they had a house, they lived in the back half of the office and I was born not there. They got to the hospital in time, but, uh, for the first, so eight, nine months of my life, we lived in the back of the office. I don’t know, they told me this. I suppose they’re telling the truth. And, uh, then we moved to a house, started dental school in 1976, graduated in 1980, moved here to Flower Mound in 1995.

Had been here ever since in this office for 22 years. I have a book here, for example. This is one of my dad’s textbooks printed in 1948, and I have a much later edition of the same book. I think that’s kind of cool. Uh, we have an office here, small office in, I call it the Kroger Shopping Center. We like to keep it small. It’s just me, maybe one other doc doing some specialty procedures. Uh, my two hygienists and, uh, three or four other employees. But it’s not a big office and never will be. I like to treat people individually. I like to know everybody that comes here. Everything about them, everything they want me to know anyway. Treat them like family. And I’m not just saying that to say it. We’re friends with everybody that comes here. So that’s me, that’s my office.

Getting Over Your Fear of the Dentist

Let’s talk about nervous patients and sedation dentistry. I work on a lot of people that are really nervous. I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years. I’m not perfect by any means, but I’ve gotten good at working on people that are nervous, calming ’em down, making ’em feel comfortable, going slow if need be, just going at their pace. One of the biggest and best toolbox tools in my toolbox though, is something I call that is called sedation dentistry. It’s done with a pill that we give the, the person an hour before we start on an empty stomach. They’ll start to feel kind of sleepy in about that hour. Then we get ’em back, hook our monitors up. They’re monitored all the time, and there’s always someone in the room with that person. And we call this conscious sedation. It’s not IV sedation done, you know, with an injection through your arm.

This is conscious sedation done with an an oral medication conscious because the person’s never really all the way asleep. It’s shouldn’t even be called sleep dentistry, even though some people do. I want my patients to be awake enough to respond to me. If I tell, ask them, Hey, does your bite feel okay? I can wake ’em up enough to, for them to tell me, uh, it’s safer that way, but I’ve not seen anybody in the old 15 years I’ve been doing this that wasn’t better off being more calm. My, my joke is for some of ’em, of course I’m joking. I say, okay, I’m gonna give you this pill now. If you don’t want to take it, I’m gonna take it because at least one of us needs to be calm while we’re working on you. I don’t really do that, by the way, a few questions about it.

Uh, people ask, will they be completely asleep, as I’ve already said, no, they won’t be. They’ll be slightly awake. Most of them don’t remember anything, which is really the greatest thing about it. I’ve had people treated in the morning, they seem fully awake at 11 o’clock or noon by the time we send them home. Uh, really not remember anything of the whole day, which is fine with me. Uh, they’ll be, we can do usually longer appointments that way, get more done if that’s what they want to have done. It’s for people that are nervous. I’ve got a couple guys, um, one guy we saw last week, and he’s not really the nervous patient, but he’s got a really sensitive gag reflex and we’ve gotta do two crowns on him. Caps, you might call him on back teeth. And we both agree after trying without it, say, Dave, why don’t we do this sedated? Your wife will have to bring you and take you home, but you’ll be comfortable. I’ll be comfortable. I can do a much better job if you’re sedated. So he’s not a nervous patient at all. He just has his hyperactive gag reflex. But I’ve

Seen so, so many people that being sedated really helps ’em. Lemme see if I’ve got any more questions about it. It’s very safe. It’s a, basically, it’s halon is the pill I use, uh, and it just makes people sleepy. It stays in the system about oh two to four hours, but the amnesic effect usually lasts the rest of the day. They just don’t remember what happened that morning. Um, benefits.

Quality care at all life stages

Led by Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr., our team believes that you deserve a happy, healthy, attractive, and complete smile well into your golden years. Dr Wyatt likes to say,(with a smile) that “We want your teeth to last longer than you do.” We have developed a special interest in caring for adult’s and senior’s teeth, gums, and mouths. We understand that certain medical conditions can make your teeth and gums more susceptible to disease and infections. Furthermore, many medications used to manage chronic diseases can increase the risk of oral threats by causing xerostomia (“dry mouth”), a risk factor for tooth decay.

Our services often blend cosmetic, restorative, and preventive dentistry, designed to protect and preserve the teeth and other oral structures:

  • Cosmetic dentistry, addressing imperfections such as stained or yellow teeth, gaps between teeth; for instance, professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental bonding
  • Restorative dentistry, rebuilding decayed, broken, infected, and otherwise damaged teeth; for example, dental fillings, inlays, onlays (partial crowns), and full-coverage dental crowns
  • Advanced tooth replacement with dental implants designed like natural teeth to “root” crowns, bridges, and dentures in the jawbone for utmost stability and comfort
  • Precision dental bridges, partials, and complete dentures to replace a single tooth, many teeth, or a mouthful of teeth
  • ClearCorrect® orthodontics, a removable and discreet alternative to conventional “Metal Mouth” braces
  • Range of relaxing sedation dentistry methods to fight dental fear and apprehension and to ensure the most pleasant experience before, during, and after complex or lengthy appointments
  • In-House surgical capabilities to resolve the likes of impacted wisdom teeth, jaw and bite imbalances, and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
  • Comprehensive preventive dentistry, such as routine professional cleanings and oral exams, are a cornerstone of our practice. We use numerous cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment technologies (such as lasers and digital and 3D x-rays) to support the most comfortable dental procedures, optimal outcomes, and fast and predictable healing

Experience Truly Gentle, Exceptional Dentistry. We live and embody this tagline. Find out for yourself by scheduling a visit.

The Flower Mound Dental office is conveniently located at the southwest corner of the intersection of FM 2499/Long Prairie Road and FM 1171/Cross Timbers Road, in the Kroger Shopping Center, next door to Planet Tan. Our team can be reached at (972) 351-8555.

Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr. DDS

William E. Wyatt, Jr. DDS

When it comes to dental education, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable than Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr. Dr. Wyatt is actively involved in many facets of continuing education, participating in dental conferences, symposia, and fellowships. In 1986, he received his Fellowship from the Academy of General Dentistry, which requires at least 500 hours of additional continuing education and the passage of a rigorous written exam.

Real Patients. Real Results.

Patient Testimonial 01

Hi, my name is John. About a year ago, I met Dr. Wyatt through a rather unusual circumstance. I’m an airline pilot and I was on a three day trip in the middle of the trip. I had a terrible toothache, and, uh, I was pretty miserable for the rest of the trip. And I got home very early in the morning. First thing I did was get on the phone and, uh, go through the, the yellow pages under dentists. And, uh, I was desperately trying to find somebody that could help me out. And Dr. Wyatt’s office was the only office that could actually, uh, work me in their schedule. Immediately. Uh, he took care of my problem, actually, it was a root canal, and, uh, haven’t had any problems with that tooth ever since. While I was there, I realized Dr. Wyatt was actually a very good dentist.

I liked his personal, personal approach. Uh, the staff was warm and friendly, and, uh, I’ve been coming back for, uh, my basic cleaning and some other procedures ever since. A couple things I really like about Dr. Wyatt’s office, which, uh, I’ve never seen before, was a, he loves music and, uh, it won’t take you long before, uh, you realize that he loves music. I’m a big music fan, and he’s got great music playing in the, in all of his, uh, his rooms. And so that kind of helps, uh, relax you. And, uh, his son also is an, uh, pilot, so we have some things in common there, and we talk about, uh, aviation. One other thing I’d like to say is, uh, actually I was here about two weeks ago to have a crown, uh, made and installed in my mouth. And one of the neat things that, uh, Dr. Wyatt’s office have have is a, um, a new technology that actually uses a computer controlled, um, creation of a crown. So, unlike the traditional procedures where you would have a crown made or temporary put on and have to come back two weeks later, Dr. Wyatts has equipment that can actually create the crown. And, uh, while you’re waiting, still, uh, uh, numbed up and 30 minutes later you’ve got a brand new crown that’s gonna be your permanent crown. Uh, really happy with it was a perfect fit. I’ve had zero problems with it and, uh, really liked that. Uh, the last thing I’d like to say about Dr. Wyatt, I, I, I really feel that he is one of the few dentists anymore that are very concerned or utmost concern about your care instead of maybe his bottom line, which is something that, uh, is, I notice a lot with other dentists. I’m very happy and I’ll be coming back to him for years. Thank you.

Patient Testimonial 02

I have been seeing Dr. Wyatt now for 10 years. Um, I was referred to him from a coworker. I needed some dental work done and I was a little shy and kind of scared to come, but he has completely restored my faith in dentistry. He is the greatest dentist I’ve ever been to. His staff is great, and I visit every six months now faithfully, and my husband and both his boys now come every six months. His boys have never been to the dentist, so this is their first experience and they love him like I do.

Patient Testimonia 03

As a child, my experience visiting the dentist was very brutal. My doctor, Dr. No Novocaine was very painful. And as an adult, uh, as I became an adult, I avoided the dentist unless I absolutely had to go. Uh, then one day I had a terrible toothache and went to one of those drill fill and build dental clinics. Uh, some rookie dentists, fresh out of dental school just totally mis misdiagnosed my, my problem. Uh, I had a, a tooth rotting underneath a bridge that I had in my mouth. He, uh, didn’t catch that at all. They, they sent me outta that place feeling worse than when I went in. So it wasn’t a good thing. Um, by chance my secretary had just gotten her annual dental, uh, cleaning done, and I asked her who it was, and it was Dr. Wyatt. So, um, she said Dr. W was great. She’d been coming to see Dr. Wet since she was a little girl. So, um, Dr. Wy got me in that day and boom, my problem was solved.

Patient Testimonia 04

I’ve been coming to Dr. Wyatt for a little over five years. Um, I was a huge chicken when it came to dentistry and, um, Dr. Wyatt advertised truly gentle dentistry, so I, I gave it a chance, and I came in. He was professional and very friendly, and he just put me at ease, made me feel comfortable, didn’t hurt me, and I have been coming back to him regularly ever since. Um, I bring my two children and I brought my husband, and we all come, we’ve since moved to South Lake and we, um, make that trip 30 minutes. One way to see Dr. Wyatt because it’s very important to us that, uh, especially the kids are comfortable with dentistry. I.

Advanced Dental Technology

At Flower Mound Dental, we use state-of-art dental technology, such as digital CBCT, 3D scanner, and more, to offer our patients the best in high tech dentistry, to ensure greater convenience, optimal safety, and improved comfort. We invite you to visit our office to experience quality care.

A CBCT scanner with 3D scanner