Seeking a fast, affordable solution to chips, gaps, and other cosmetic flaws?

Dental bonding may be for you!

Have habits like coffee, tea, and teeth-grinding left an unsightly mark on your smile? Is a gap between your teeth no longer “cute” now that you are “grown-up”? Has an overly-short or oddly-shaped tooth always bothered you? Whatever the case may be, cosmetic imperfections not limited to the stains, chips, gaps, wear, and shape irregularities mentioned here can be quickly and cost-effectively corrected with dental bonding.

At Flower Mound Dental, Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr., works with patients from North Texas and beyond to arrive at the best solutions for their teeth’s health, function, and beauty. Generally, dental bonding is well-suited to patients with healthy teeth and gums. It is also best for individuals with more modest dental defects. If we determine in partnership with you that dental bonding is a good option, preparation of the visible teeth to be treated is simple. Dr. Wyatt slightly abrades and conditions the tooth for the bonding process. The idea is to apply, shape, and secure a tooth-like material to the teeth. Once the material, called dental composite, is affixed to the front surface of each tooth, cosmetic flaws are covered up.

Dental bonding is a truly technique-specific procedure because the results from treatment depend on the skill of the dentist applying the composite material. The composite is a putty, color-matched to blend in with your natural teeth. Since it is pliable, Dr. Wyatt can place it on the tooth and shape it precisely and with great artistry resolve your specific cosmetic concerns. Once he has achieved the perfect look, and all feels great, the composite is hardened and secured to the natural tooth.

Bonding is sometimes referred to as “direct veneers” because the material is placed directly on the teeth and shaped in just one appointment. An alternative treatment, porcelain veneers, is referred to as “indirect veneers” because each veneer is made in a lab. The veneer is later applied and secured to the tooth during a return visit. There are pros and cons to each type of veneer. Generally, for patients who opt for bonding like that, this process is:

  • Fast, dramatically improves the smile in one dental appointment.
  • Conservative, unlike porcelain veneers, bonding does not require the removal of enamel to make room for the dental material on top of it.
  • Comfortable, as no tooth structure is altered, which avoids sensitivity and discomfort.
  • Hassle-free, no pain means no need for local anesthetic or lingering numbing, nor do you need to return to the dentist for a second visit.
  • Affordable, generally costs less than its indirect veneers counterpart.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Wyatt today at (972) 351-8555. During your visit, he may also discuss the pros of porcelain veneers. Patients often gravitate toward this alternative because of the natural appearance, strength, and stain resistance associated with porcelain. Whatever your preferences may be, Flower Mound Dental is proud to support the oral health needs of individuals from Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lewisville, Argyle, Copper Canyon, Lantana, Bartonville, Coppell, Carrollton, and the surrounding area, the “Flower-Plex”.