Safeguard your oral health with quality, professional Dental Cleaning & Prevention

It’s almost a certainty that no one willingly loves to get their teeth cleaned. We get it, we really do. According to the CDC, one in two adults aged 30 and over have periodontal disease. What if we were also to tell you that bacteria build-up, gum disease, cavities, plaque, and other serious infections can be prevented with simple routine visits to our friendly and comfortable Flower Mound Dental office?

Dr. Wyatt and the staff can provide you with gentle and professional care, making check-ups so easy that you’ll leave saying, ‘Oh, that wasn’t bad at all!’ Our routine office visits ensure that we can identify any minor issues before they become major. Dental disease can be prevented, but it starts with the simple building blocks of oral hygiene, like brushing and flossing. Your diet can also play a significant role in the overall health of your teeth. Think about the sugars and harsh foods that hurt the sensitive enamel of your teeth. The good news is that we can help support you with our entire team as we promote, restore, and maintain your oral health right here in the comfort of our Flower Mound Dental office.

Our effective prevention program relies on regular dental exams, X-rays, and cleanings, often including treatments like sealant and fluoride. Neglect can be costly, but prevention helps to avoid major dental complications down the road. Protect that healthy smile and keep your confidence intact through those regular check-ups!

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