Porcelain veneers: Keep your teeth going strong and looking great for a lifetime

Over time, our teeth can become yellow, chipped, or undergo other changes that we feel detract from the appearance of our smiles. The protective white enamel of teeth is incredibly strong; however, it is not indestructible. With the passage of time or conditions such as chronic teeth grinding, enamel may be eroded, and chips, small cracks, stains, and other conditions can arise. Fortunately, Flower Mound Dental can keep your smile looking great for a lifetime! We have served our slice of North Texas with a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dental solutions for over 25 years!

Porcelain veneers are designed to correct stubborn discoloration and irregularities that affect the shape, surface, and size of the teeth that are visible when you smile. The porcelain itself is perfectly shaped to fit on top of the natural tooth. Once applied to the front surfaces of the visible teeth, veneers cover up the cosmetic imperfections mentioned here, as well as gaps and other spacing issues. Generally, teeth and gums must be healthy. Our dentist, Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr., can discuss orthodontic treatment alternatives if your teeth have more extensive needs, such as malocclusion or bite problems. Additional options include dental restorations to repair cavities, fractures, decay, and trauma to the teeth.

That said, while porcelain veneers are a common and popular treatment within cosmetic dentistry, the addition of highly durable porcelain helps strengthen the tooth. After all, many conditions can arise due to enamel erosion. And enamel erosion can weaken the tooth. Veneers treatment helps to maintain oral health and prevents the need for more costly, time-consuming, and invasive restorative treatments.

Porcelain is generally the material of choice for veneers and many dental restorations. It is strong and attractive; it reflects and conducts light like natural tooth enamel and is also natural in its translucency. Many of our patients like that porcelain resists stains well, too. You can often get a revamped smile in just two treatments. The first visit involves slightly reducing the tooth, so the veneer will fit on top of it perfectly. Modern veneers are very thin and involve minimal removal of enamel. Information about the prepared tooth is collected to help make your veneers. The second visit consists in securing the lab-designed veneers to the front surfaces of the teeth. With proper care, your veneers can keep going strong for as long as you do!

Call (972) 351-8555 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Wyatt at Flower Mound Dental. Our office may also discuss super-fast and affordable alternatives like “direct veneers” or dental bonding fashioned from composite resin. They can be applied in one visit without altering the natural tooth enamel.