Need to Replace One, or Several Missing Teeth? Dental Implants may be the Perfect Solution for you!

What exactly are implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root surgically placed into the jawbone. One or more missing teeth can be replaced by attaching a crown, a bridge, or even a full denture on top of the implants.

Do implants require surgery?

In most cases, implants can be placed using local anesthesia in our Flower Mound Dental office. Only more complex and extreme cases require a surgical approach outside our office, which would take place locally with a recommended specialist.

What material are implants made of?

The implant material, typically a titanium alloy, is highly biocompatible, meaning that the body doesn’t react to the material in a negative way, instead treating it as if it belongs there. This allows the bone to treat the implant just as if it was made out of bone. The bone actually bonds to the titanium in a cool process called “osseointegration”.

Who are considered the best candidates for implants?

Most patients with good oral hygiene and no restrictions for oral surgery can receive implants without complication. We assess the potential implant site to determine whether there is sufficient bone volume and gum thickness to allow the placement of an implant.

What type of consultation is done to determine if implants are right for each patient?

At Flower Mound Dental, Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr., we provide a clinical examination that will involve inspection, palpation, and gentle probing of the potential implant site and adjacent teeth. We will also need to take some conventional X-rays. If dental implants are chosen as an option, in all cases we take a special 3D X-ray called a CBCT which tells us how much bone there is to work with, and helps with the optimum placement of the dental implant(s).

How secure are implants?

Dental implants remain securely in place and do not come out. However, even though dental implants are not the same as natural teeth; they function and feel very much like natural teeth. For patients that have lived with removable appliances, the implants will feel much more secure. Finally, something to help you chew which doesn’t move around!!!!!

How long does it take to heal?

On average, three-six months is required to heal the implants fully. Dr. Wyatt and the staff will regularly assess your progress during that healing time. Because teeth cannot be attached until the healing process is complete, we can apply a functional and aesthetic temporary for you. Once the teeth are more permanently placed, we will monitor your progress and ensure everything is healthy.

Does insurance cover this cost?

Usually, dental insurance plans will help pay for the procedure, but all dental insurance plans are different. Check with your dental plan administrator and call our office at (972) 351-8555 for any questions.