Restore or sustain the youthful vibrancy of beauty of your smile with professional teeth whitening

In our 25-plus years of service to North Texas, Flower Mound Dental has enjoyed caring for the teeth of the “inexperienced” dental patient as well as the “young at heart.” We appreciate that disconcerting changes can occur over time to the appearance of patients’ smiles. Some medical conditions or the medicines used to treat them can present newfound challenges to a healthy, beautiful smile.

Our team, led by Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr., likes to get ahead of these problems. Furthermore, we have an array of options to restore the beauty and function of patients’ teeth and gums.

Professional teeth whitening is among those services that give patients a tremendous bang for their buck. After all, tooth color dramatically influences the overall appearance of the smile. As the protective white tooth enamel thins and becomes more translucent, the more yellow dentin layer underneath can peek through. This process makes teeth look darker. Additionally, environmental factors such as the coffee, tea, (or any other strongly colored liquid you drink such as red wine) can exacerbate the effects of aging on the appearance of the teeth. Stains can accumulate due to highly-pigmented foods and beverages we all enjoy. If it can stain a white cotton shirt, it can stain your teeth! There are also medications which can stain teeth.

Stains vary widely by “type” and severity. So, all treatment plans start with an evaluation at our office in Flower Mound. Dr. Wyatt will need to confirm that your mouth is healthy because discoloration can be caused by internal trauma to the teeth. In cases such as dental damage, Dr. Wyatt would recommend restorative treatments to restore the structure and health of the tooth. In doing so, cosmetic side effects are also resolved. If your mouth is otherwise healthy and professional whitening is right for you, we will discuss options that work best with your goals, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

We offer both in-house and take-home whitening:

  • Office whitening involves Dr. Wyatt evenly and precisely applying a concentrated and clinically proven to be effective (and safe) whitening gel to the teeth. You can get several shades of whiter teeth in one visit! Perfect for a big upcoming event or a dramatic, no-wait boost to your smile.
  • Home whitening involves Dr. Wyatt customizing a whitening tray to your mouth. The tray is filled with a powerful and safe whitening gel. Once you slide the tray filled with gel over your teeth, the active ingredients are delivered evenly. With daily wear time, you notice gradually whiter teeth. It is well-suited to patients who prefer a more progressive boost to their teeth from the convenience and comfort of home.

Since the whitening treatment is designed, administered, and monitored by a professional, patients have peace of mind that their results will look natural, be well-suited to their faces, and align with their goals. Furthermore, they can trust that the experience will be comfortable, free of tooth sensitivity and risks of damage associated with other whitening treatments (such as off-the-shelf whitening kits).

Plus, when you team up with Flower Mound Dental, you have a partner to protect the appearance and health of your smile for life! Call (972) 351-8555 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wyatt at our office, which is conveniently at the southwest intersection of FM 2499/Long Prairie Road and FM 1171/Cross Timbers Road, in the Kroger Shopping Center, next door to Planet Tan.