Brush up on conservative, aesthetic, and strong options to rebuild teeth, repair cavities … with fillings

Patients of all ages deserve to have a smile they can be proud of! And one of the more conservative ways is that at Flower Mound Dental, we can bring back the beauty and function of that smile with dental fillings. Our dentist, Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr., also works closely with patients from throughout North Texas to prevent the need for any restorative care, including fillings.

When he does detect earlier-stage enamel erosion and decay, it is resolved promptly. The earlier we can identify and address the decay process, the better. Treating early-stage dental problems is generally more manageable, less invasive, and not as costly or time-consuming as more extensive restorative procedures – including root canal therapy (followed by a crown) and tooth replacement with bridges, dentures, or implants.

In fact, early problems with eroded enamel can be addressed with hygiene modifications and professional preventive services (like fluoride supplementation and dental sealants). And, if restorations are necessary, Dr. Wyatt recommends the most conservative option to build up natural tooth structure and return the tooth to health, function, and a healthy appearance. These conventional options include fillings, dental inlays, and dental onlays.

Fillings may be appropriate for smaller cavities, those holes that are created in the teeth as dental decay progresses and erodes the tooth structure. The filling, which may be fashioned from a wide range of metals or metal-free materials (like composite resin), is placed in and secured to the natural tooth after damaged tissues have been removed. This process replaces the lost or deteriorated tooth structure.

To ensure the strongest bond between the tooth and the filling, it is necessary to have a maximal amount of healthy natural tooth structure. An inlay may be recommended if more of the tooth has been worn away. The inlay replaces lost tissue when the chewing surfaces of the tooth have been damaged. For patients with damage to the teeth’ cusps (tips or points), onlays or partial crowns are appropriate.

With good hygiene at home and regular visits to our office in Flower Mound, TX, no further treatment is needed to keep your treated tooth looking, feeling, and functioning at its healthy best. Call us at (972) 351-8555 to schedule your consultation. Dr. Wyatt is happy to discuss options for treatment, as well as the pros and cons of the many different, highly aesthetic, and durable filling materials available to today’s patients.