We preserve the health and beauty of your smile for life with an array of services to restore damaged teeth

For more than 25 years, the office of Dr. William E. Wyatt, Jr. at Flower Mound Dental has served communities in North Texas with exceptional, truly caring dental care. We take particular pride in maintaining the health, comfortable function, and appearance of “experienced” patients’ smiles. 

With restorative dentistry, our team is able to preserve teeth and prevent gaps in the smile that can affect all aspects of our patients’ lives. Additionally, Dr. Wyatt partners closely with patients to prevent the need for restorative dentistry services. 

Damage can come in many forms, including enamel erosion, cavities or holes in the teeth (due to the decay process), fractures, and deep inflammation or infection at the center of a tooth. 

Depending on what Dr. Wyatt finds during an evaluation at our office, he may recommend the following: 

  • Dental fillings made from durable and esthetic materials such as porcelain or gold 
  • Dental inlays to replace large, broken down fillings 
  • Dental onlays, or partial crowns, for more extensive damage to the tooth 
  • Full coverage crowns for teeth that are not good candidates for fillings, inlays, or onlays

Implant supported crowns may also be used for tooth replacement. Sometimes, severely decayed or infected teeth cannot be saved. Perhaps there’s simply not enough tooth left or there is too much damage to the underlying bone from infections. These teeth must be extracted or removed. We encourage our patient-partners to replace these teeth as soon as possible. 

Options for tooth replacement range from bridges and removable dentures to prosthetic teeth that are stabilized with “artificial tooth roots”, AKA dental implants. Conventional bridges are anchored by neighboring teeth that are crowned to support the prosthetic tooth (“pontic”) effectively. One implant is used to anchor a single crown. Or, some precisely-placed implants may be used to retain many replacement teeth in the jawbone. 

New tooth sensitivity, discomfort that comes and goes, or more persistent aches can all indicate dental damage. Many oral conditions can be halted or even reversed when detected and treated early. We can preserve all of your natural teeth – for life! 

One of the things Dr. Wyatt likes to say is: “We want your teeth to last longer than you do.” (Of course, he always says this with a winning smile.)

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